Earth Tea Extra Strength Real life Data and Feedbacks

We are constantly in contact with everyone who tries Earth Tea Extra Strength because feedbacks help us get closer to perfection. We will update this page as new data is received. Earth Tea Extra Strength is a general immune booster which gives it broad health benefits more than we expected. As people with different conditions try it and gives feedbacks we can advise you more as far as what it can help with. Keep in mind Our ingredients is simple with nothing unknown to scientists or officials everything in our product can be bought at your local grocery store. We are taking the guessing out of our work and Confirm everything  before we recommend it!

  • Insomnia – 2-3 oz hot will let you rest well 
  • Covid19 – We are currently at 100% recovery against Covid19,  hundreds with our private trial and 15/15 with our Clinical Trial
  • Tachycardia – irregular heart beat seems to normalize
  • Joint pain – numerous reports about pain relief
  • Stamina – numerous reports of stamina increase many reports of feeling less tired and increase performance
  • Hemoglobin – increase in Hemoglobin believed to be related to Earth Tea Extra Strength
  • Lupus – reports of less flares after trying Earth Tea But due to the complexity of lupus we need more feedbacks and possibly a clinical trial done
  • Asthma – less use of pump after Earth Tea use but we need more feedbacks
  • Fatigue – almost instant fatigue changes reported
  • Coughing – coughing almost instantly stopped depending on severity it may require 1 to 2 bottles
  • Fever – mysteriously fever goes away within minutes to hours you will feel your body temperature normalize
  • Diabetes – no reports of negative reactions from anyone with diabetes most people report feeling ease from issues they normally have from diabetes
  • Heart surgery– no reports of any issues or negative reaction from people who have done major heart surgery. Many reported having more energy and been able to do more
  • Kidney transplant– no reported issue from people who had kidney transplant done and tried Earth Tea
  • Stomach issues – gastroenteritis relief starts in minutes. Earth Tea Extra Strength instantly start push bad stuff out your system
  • Kids – the youngest so far reported is 3 yrs old who tried it against Covid19. No issues reported. Because of the taste mixing it with juice will make it easier for kids to drink it. Apple juice and pineapple juice is the best at easing the taste
  • Vaccinated people – No reported issues for those who are already Vaccinated. We had people who tested positive for Covid19 after been Vaccinated use Earth Tea Extra Strength and theres no issues
  • Smoke Cough – Earth Tea Extra Strength for some reasons seems to help protect the lungs and help removes anything thats bad in your system including phlegm. 6oz can help before or during smoking. Eventually as you get enough Earth Tea in your system you will notice coughing minimize then eventually stops over time, but using it before or during smoke will help right away see Challenge
  • HIV / AIDS – Volunteers Wanted (Be one Text HIV to 7186352135)
  • Herpes  Volunteers Wanted (Be one Text HIV to 7186352135)
  • Cancer – Positive result
  • Bronchitis – Video Feedback
  • Fibroids – Awaiting Feedback
  • High Blood Pressure Awaiting Feedback
  • Joint Pain – Video Feedback

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