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Our #1 Clinical Trial was successful against COVID-19.

Earth Tea Extra Strength is made of vegetables. Your body should be able to naturally fight most issues, if its failing or your immune system is constantly under attack, you may try Earth Tea Extra Strength to help your body fight back!

Healthy living starts with a healthy Immune system, boost your immune system and help your body fight issues fast!


    Earth Tea Extra Strength is 1-4 servings per bottle 16oz total with recommended servings of 4 to 8 oz.

    We recommend half bottle cold during the daytime, then half bottle hot before bed for those with serious Issues.
    For minor issues half bottle hot or cold should do, then keep the other half for later

    For Immune boosting, one bottle every two weeks or at least one bottle per month to assist your immune system or one mouth full when your have minor issues. Daily use is not recommended or necessary.

    For issues that’s long term life long issues, try our half gallon with two cups per day for 4 days. one cold cup during the day and one hot or cold before bed. thats 4 bottles for 4 days, then go and get tested as usual and compare the results.

    Earth Tea Extra Strength is all Natural and might be hard to swallow because of the taste, if you have an issue with the taste you may combine Earth Tea Extra Strength with 100% apple, orange or pineapple juice and it will still be effective. Perfect for kids!

    If you are trying our product against your issue after one bottle you should see some improvements if there’s no change whatsoever this means it can’t help you. You may make your decision after at least one bottle if it can help you or not.

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