Earth Tea Extra Strength Clinical Trial #1

Earth Tea extra strength was developed while battling Covid-19 March 20 2020. The idea was boost the immune system to overcome the Virus. It worked back in March of 2020 and still do today. Earth Tea is The world’s first instant immune booster.

Our First clinical trial was done in India July of 2021 .Fifteen months after  our first success. Our first clinical trial was designed to prove Earth Tea Extra Strength is safe and effective and  secondly works against Covid-19.

Our Trial proves Earth Tea is Extremely effective against Covid19 see our Report Below.

Earth Tea Extra Strength has proven to help various health issues and we are still collecting data as more people try it against their issue. Keep up with updates from feedbacks to see if we can help your issue if it’s not there feel free to be the first one to try it against your issue and help others. 

Our clinical Report was received Sep 20,2020.

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